Es Devlin - Forest of Us

Miami, FL
March, 2021

Designer: Es Devlin

Music & Sound: Polyphonia

Projection & Video: Luke Halls Studio

Associate Designer: Bori Kovacs

Project Manger: Ben Bauer

Artist's Consultant: David Stallbaumer

Architect: DLR Group (Tom Gallagher and Luis Alvarez)

Structural Engineer: Schaefer (Laura Goodman)

Fabrication: PRG

Part of inaugural exhibition Every Wall is a Door featuring major new works by teamLAB and James Turrell. Forest of Us takes as its starting point the striking visual symmetries between the structures within us that allow us to breathe and the structures around us that make breathing possible: the bronchial trees that exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide within our lungs and the trees which exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen within our environment.

Photos: Andrea Mora (Superblue) Es Devlin and Ben Bauer